Improve your digital presence

Why do you need a website?

...and how it can be life-changing

Having a website will attract new customers and will allow promoting and be seen in the digital market. Furthermore, your website will expand your working hours and all the information about your business or brand can be accessible 24/7/365.

Having a good website design instantly boosts your credibility as a genuine business and will establish a solid connection of your business with your potential clients and a well design website will encourage customers to contact you.

It will save you time and money on the long run; customers will find your products from Google without any old fashion way adverting. You can keep clients educated about your business, expanding your brand, informing about new administrations, items or future deals. By having great content along the pages in addition to an F.A.Q., you can spare an immense amount of significant time that you would some way or another spend conveying to your prospects. Once your site is going and accessible to your clients, it will spare you time imparting a similar message again and again to various individuals.

How shall we design your website?

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Three to five years tops to redo your website

Technology behind websites design and coding is evolving at a huge rate. Few years ago, designing a website with drag&drop was unthinkable, and we all relinquish into manually coding all the elements.

This cute animation next to this is an example of how you can not afford to have an outdated website, as technology rapidly changes making old websites with outdated plugins vulnerable and not reliable probably with broken links outside and within your website sinking your position on Search Engines like Google. Think of your website like your shop showcase, is crazy to not have one and in good conditions, with proper information about the shop contents and deals. Even if you have one, a good refurbish and clean up is mandatory.

It does not need to be a flashy website design but functional. Most clients will not notice a great design but will exit promptly or have a bad taste if the website is not helpful at all or complicated. This metric is quite easy to detect and is one of the first indicator of a bad website user interface, the “Bounce rate“.

Example SEO Metrics

Website content can boost or sink your position in Google

Yes, your chances of getting seen in the World Wide Web (WWW) or more commonly name “The internet” is determined by algorithms, and those get to choose your position regarding any search possible related to your website, content or shop. Therefore, it determines the number of possible clients that will come to your website, now is the turn to make them stay and browser within our domains.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fierce competition and that is the reason for creating a website with the proper tools that will allow the owner to examine data performance and act accordingly to it by modifying and/or changing unsuccessful deals, reallocating products or creating new content to keep the website fresh.

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